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Both Sidebars


This template has both sidebars (Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar). In this template whole screen is divided into three sections which are Left Sidebar (almost 25% of the whole screen), Right Sidebar (almost 25% of the whole screen) and Main Content Area (almost 50% of the whole screen).

Further More each section is divided into twelve equal columns of section’s total width. As you can see in the screenshots that Project Donors, Facebook, Feeds are in Left Sidebar and Project Status and Project Pledge-o-meter are in Right Sidebar. All these elements have the width of twelve columns (full width of the section).

Project Title, Project Buttons, Project Details and Project Content are in the Main Content Area. All the elements in Main Content Area have the width of twelve columns (full width of this section) except Project Donate Button and Project Invite Friends Button because each of them has the width of three columns (almost 25% of the Main Content Area).

Front-end View:


Back-end View:

Both Sidebar Template at Back-end, you can see there is a Right sidebar and a Left Sidebar.

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