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Cyber Fundraiser provides sixteen different elements for a single Project. You can either choose all these elements or only those which you want for Project’s front end view. You can place these elements anywhere on the Project template. You can also change the size of each element by assigning width in columns to each element. You can also remove elements of a Project Template which you do not want to show.

First Create a Project and after publishing the project, select a layout (Project template) for your Project, when you will click on your desired Layout, a popup window will open which have all the Project Elements. You can remove a specific element from Project Template of ‘x’ button for each element. You can also change the position of each element by dragging the elements. There would be a field in each element ‘Select Layout’ to set the width for an element. There would be two buttons ‘Close’ for discard the changes and ‘Save Changes’ to save the Project Template settings.

You can also change the Title for each element as well as you can assign custom CSS classes for each element by using Cyber Filters.

This Functionality is just for Parent Projects and Child Projects(Become a Fundraiser) will inherit their Parent Project’s Template settings.

Here are all the available Elements for a single Project.

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