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Become a Fundraiser


Cyber Fundraiser provides a functionality for normal site users to be a fundraiser to any Project which they want. Registered users can do this through a Cyber Element ‘Become a Fundraiser’.

Here are the steps that how to be a Fundraiser to a specific Project.

  1. Visit the Project to which you want to be Fundraiser.(You can be a Fundraiser to only admin’s Projects).
  2. Click on a ‘ Become a Fundraiser ‘ button.
  3. Fill out the ‘Become a Fundraiser Form’ and submit the Form
  4. You will see a Success Messaage

Furthermore admin has to Approve your request from being a Fundraiser. Until admin’s Approval the status of your Project will be ‘Pending’ and you cannot get donations if your status is ‘pending’.

You will see an Approval Email if the admin Approves your request, If your Request has been rejected by the admin then you will receive a Rejection Email.

Become a Fundraiser Form: 

Add the Title of your Child Project.

Add the Content of your Child Project.

Add the Goal of your Child Project, Your Project Goal should be equal to or less than then the Parent Project’s remaining amount.

Add the Start Date for your Project.

Add the End Date for your Project, End date of your Project should be less than the Parent Project’s End Date.

Set Featured Image for your Project (If you do not set featured image, then Parent Project’s Featured Image will be used).

Add Video link to your Project (If you do not add video link, then Parent Project’s Video link will be used).

Add Short Description about your Project.

Why you want to Become A Fundraiser to this Project(Message for Admin).

Become a Fundraiser Form View:



Cyber Fundraiser provides a short code which admin can use to create a page where a user can see all its Projects (Child Projects). If admin has created such a page, then user can also edit their Projects (Child Projects) if admin allows them for editing.

All Projects View:



Again, if you edit your Project (Child Project) then again, you will need the admin approval to complete the editing. Once you have edited your Project then you cannot receive donations until an admin approves this editing.

Parent and Child Project: When you submit the form to be a Fundraiser to any Project then you also create a project which is the child project, and the Project to which you want to become a fundraiser will be Parent Project of your project. So all the Projects created by normal users through ‘Become a Fundraiser’ firm are child project.

Become A Fundraiser Status: If you have become a Fundraiser to a Project then you have (Child Project) will have one of the following statuses.

  • Pending: When you submit the ‘Become Fundraiser Form’ to be a Fundraiser then the status of your Project will be ‘Pending’ until admin’s approval.
  • Approved: When the admin approves you as a Fundraiser then the status of your Project will be changed to ‘approved’ and you will receive an Approval Email.
  • Rejected: If the admin rejects you as a Fundraiser then the status of your Project will be ‘rejected’ and you will receive a Rejection Email.
  • Closed: If the Parent Project’s Goal is completed and Parent Project does not need more donations than all its Child Project’s status will be changed to ‘closed’.
  • Edited: When child project edit then its status will be changed to ‘edited’.

Become A Fundraiser Action: If admin allowed “Become a Fundraiser” to edit child project then action shows as “Edit” and in other case shows as “N/A”.

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