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General Settings

On this page we’re going to walk through all general settings available to you in Cyber Fundraiser.
Go to Dashboard>>Fundraiser>>Settings and select ‘Generals‘ tab to make these configurations.
There are differnet fields in this tab which are explaned below:

  • Minimum Goal Amount for the project: This is the minimum  amount for Project Goal. Your Project Goal Amount should be greater than Minimum Goal Amount that you will set here.
  • Maximum Goal Amount for the project : This is the maximum  amount for Project Goal. Your Project Goal Amount should be less than Maximum Goal Amount that you will set here.
  • Minimum Donation Amount: This is the minimum amount for donation i.e. least amount which a donor can donate.
  • Currency: This field is for Currency i.e in which currency you wants to receive donation.
  • Currency Position: This field is for Currency Position i.e ‘Before Amount’, ‘After Amount’.
  • Enable Login/Signup on Checkout Page: Either you want to show Login/Sign Up Tab on Checkout page or not.
  • Date Format: Select Format in which you want to show dates.
  • Show Closed Project: Either you want to show Closed Projects on front or not.
  • Project Pledg-o-meter Settings: These settings are for a Cyber Element ‘Project Pledg-o-Meter’. In this section we can set a theme and padding amount for pledge-o-meter. We can manage the space between amount tabs in Pledg-o-Meter by setting ‘Padding Amount’.
  • Twitter Feeds Setting: This setting is for a  Cyber Element ‘Cyber Twitter Feeds’ and this field is for twitter name. Set your Twitter name or the Twitter name for which you want to show feeds.
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