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Facebook Settings


Cyber Fundraiser also provides a functionality of auto posting on Facebook i.e when a project is created and published then it will be auto posted on the admin’s Facebook timeline. To use this functionality admin has to configure Facebook settings.

Go to Dashboard>>Fundraiser>>Settings and select ‘Facebook Settings‘ tab to configure Facebook settings for auto posting on Facebook. Once Facebook settings are configured, every time a project or child project (Become a Fundraiser) is created it will be auto posted on the Admin’s Facebook page or Admin’s Facebook timeline.

Here is the explanation of these settings.

  • Enable/Disable Auto Publish:  Check this checkbox if you want auto posting on Facebook.
  • Application ID: Log in to Facebook and create a Facebook app and add that App Id in this field. (see Facebook doc to create Facebook Application.)
  • Application Secret: Enter the App Secret of the Application that you have created.
  • Facebook User Id: Add your Facebook username or a numeric Facebook User Id.
  • Post Message Format: add the post format i.e how your post will look like on your Facebook timeline.(Please use #post_title, #post_content, #post_excerpt, #post_link, #author_name, #project_goal, #project_start_date, #project_end_date for the corresponding post title, post content, post excerpt, post link, post author name, project goal, project start date, project end date respectively.)
  • Post Format: Select Post Format i.e. Blog Post or simple post as a Text Message.
  • Include Image: Whether you want to add an image or not.
  • Post Image: Which image you want to add to the Facebook post i.e your project featured image or custom image.
  • Custom Image Url: If you want to add a custom image to Facebook Post the add the url of an image in this field and if you want to add project featured image then leave it blank.
  • Auto Post Pages: Whether you want to post on you Facebook Profile or your Facebook page.
  • Enable Auto Publish For: For Which post types you want to enable auto post functionality.

Once you have filled all the necessary fields, then click the ‘Save Settings’ button, Once Setting has been saved then click on ‘Authorize’ button if no error occurs then you Auto Posting featured will be enabled successfully.

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