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Become a Fundraiser


Click Here to see what is ‘Become a Fundraiser’.

Go to Dashboard>>Fundraiser>>Fundraiser to see all ‘Become Fundraisers‘.

On this page admin can see all the users which are becoming fundraisers to some project. The admin can see their name, their project name (child project), Parent Project name (project to which they became a fundraiser).


Each row represents a single ‘Become Fundraiser’ with four action buttons and status. When some user submits a form to become a fundraiser to specific project, then his status will be pending and he cannot get donations until an admin approve him/her. When he submits the form, he/she will show in this table and his status will be pending, admin can approve or reject him/her by the action button. Admin also can see more detail about him/her before approving or rejecting him/her by ‘view’ action button.

Once he/she has been approved or rejected by admin then he will receive an email that he has been approved or rejected as fundraiser to specific project (Admin can set an email template for these purposes ‘fundraiser completed’, ‘fundraiser rejected’).

Their are four action buttons for each row.

  • Approve: To approve the fundraiser.
  • Reject: To Reject the fundraiser.
  • Close: To close the fundraiser i.e when a parent project goal has been achieved or print project is closed, then admin can manually close this fundraiser.
  • View: To view the detail about Become Fundraiser

Note: The become A fundraiser can get donations only when his project status is approved.

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